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1-1 2 tap wrench

An essential tool for threading metal, the 1-1/2 tap wrench allows one to transform plain materials into something new. With the tap held firmly in one hand and the wrench in the other, one can rotate this handheld tool in a clockwise fashion to meticulously cut both internal and external threads. With steady hands and an eye for detail, metal can be easily transformed using a 1-1/2 tap wrench.

For anyone who has ever wanted to add a screw to metal, the tap wrench is the perfect tool. Easy to use with just one hand, the wrench is used to cut threads into metal that will enable the secure attaching of the screw. To begin, the tap is inserted into the wrench. Once this is done, simply turn the tap wrench clockwise and keep going until the desired depth is achieved. In no time you’ll have your metals threaded and ready for that perfect finish.

With a single hand, a tap wrench offers users the convenience of cutting threads into different materials, such as metal, wood, or plastic. The tool is easy to operate – simply insert the tap into the wrench and turn it in a clockwise direction to achieve the desired depth. A tap wrench brings versatility to your projects by allowing you to create internal or external threads in no time.

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