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1 2 lh brazed internal threading tool left hand

For projects requiring left-handed threading, the 1/2 LH Brazed Internal Threading Tool is an invaluable tool. Perfect for tasks involving aluminum, brass, or stainless steel materials, it is a dependable and durable way to create a secure interior thread. This highly versatile tool can speed up any threading project with its precise and reliable performance.

Deciding which size thread is necessary for a project is the first step when using a 1/2 LH Brazed Internal Threading Tool. With a range of different diameters the correct size plays an important role in producing successful results. Following the selection of size, the next step is to choose an insert most suitable for the material being threaded. Inserts are produced in diverse materials making it easy to find one best adapted to the project.

After identifying a suitable insert, it must be conveniently inserted into the tool by tightening a set screw. Next, placing the tool into the lathe will complete the setup – ensuring that it is properly positioned for working with the material.

After starting up the lathe, the tool is then ready to slice through the thread. Maintaining an even tempo while using the tool is imperative to protect the insert from harm. Making alterations to the tool post will enable you to regulate the depth of the thread being cut. Once it’s been cut to your preferred depth, you can then shut down the lathe and take away the tool.

The insert should be taken out of the tool to finish up. To do this, the retaining screw needs to be loosened. After it is done, the instrument can be used again.

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