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1 4 20 manual threaded insert tool

With a 1/4-20 manual threaded insert tool, you can effortlessly create internal threads in wood that can be used to screw in all sorts of hardware. These tiny, hand-held tools make the process of securing drawers pulls, cabinet knobs, and table legs simple and convenient. Threaded inserts, small metal or plastic cylinders with interior and exterior threads, are the perfect mate to this tool for an easy installation.

This particular manual threaded insert tool comprises a body, handle, and two other parts: a feed screw and cutting bit. Forming a shell-like shape, the body boasts an internal bore larger than the exterior diameter of the chosen threaded insert. Connected to the body is the handle used to rotate the feed screw, which features a tip somewhat tinier than the body’s bore. At the end of this screw lies silver-tipped cutting bit – utilized for meticulously cutting threads in wood.

The cutting bit is first snuggled up in the bore of the tool body before being planted atop the hole that is to be threaded. By rotating the handle, the feed screw will go to work, slicing threads into the wood as it goes. As it spins faster and faster, the blade will delve further and further into the wood, enabling you to control the thread depth according to how quickly the feed screw is turning.

After the appropriate hollow has been bored to perfection, the tool is disengaged from its site. Subsequently, the threaded insert is placed in that selfsame area and twisted until it is sufficiently interlocked with the formerly created threads. At last, the fitting will sit just level with the surface of the wood backing it.

No matter the type of wood you’re working with, the 1/4-20 manual threaded insert tool is your go-to option for installing threaded inserts. Be sure to select a suitable tool bit so you get an optimal fitment – with this tool, you can install either coarse or fine threaded inserts.

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