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Need to thread a tap? A tap wrench could be your go-to tool! This hand-powered tool consists of a handle and a head, which can be adjusted for various tap sizes. So say goodbye to tedious manual labor and hello to an easier way to thread taps and other small screw threads.

The T-handled tap wrench is the most frequently used type of tap wrench; its peculiar design allows for the secure affixment onto the desired tap. T-shaped, its head slides onto the implement with ease; its handle then inserts into the head, thus providing a tool for twisting and turning.

A specialized tool, the L-handled tap wrench, is the perfect companion for those tackling the intricacies of a socket. With its L-shaped head that easily attaches to the tap, and a handle that slots in, one simple twist of its handle can provide a reliable connection.

The third type of tap wrench is the ratchet variety, equipped with a ratchet mechanism in its head which allows you to easily rotate it with one hand. The handle fits securely into the head and must be turned in order to activate the tap.

Tap wrenches are the go-to tool for the installation or extraction of taps on a range of materials, including woods, metals, and plastics, as well as screws and pipes of a diminutive size.

Cunningly crafted out of steel and other strong substances, tap wrenches often come steeled against fatigue and erosion with a chrome or alternative overlay.

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