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1 tap wrench

Designed to help turn taps and other minute tools, the tap wrench is constructed with a handle and a chuck. The chuck secures the tap or tool in place while the handle turns it. Two designs for the tap wrench exist, with the T-handled being more popular due to its ease of use compared to its less well-known L-handled counterpart.

Various sizes of tap wrenches exist to work with any size tap or tool. 1/4″ is the most widely seen size and is utilized for all sorts of small tasks. If a bigger tap or tool is needed, then look no further than the 3/8″ tap wrench. If this is too small, 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ wrneches are also available on the market.

To harness the utility of a tap wrench, start by selecting the proper size for the appointed tap or tool. Insert this into the chuck of the tap wrench, making sure it is entirely secure. Grasp the tap wrench with one hand and employ the other hand to turn the attached handle. This will cause the embedded tap or tool to rotate too. Keep turning until it is firmly in place; then, take out the tap or tool from the chuck and put aside.

Tap Wrenches are the perfect addition to any toolbox when working with small objects such as taps. Not only do they provide an easy, secure grip of any small tool, but they are simple to operate and use. All in all, a tap wrench makes a great tool for any amateur or professional that needs to get to work quickly!

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