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22nr threading tool holders

The 22nr threading tool holder is the most ubiquitous type of tool holder employed throughout the threading industry, and its use is predominantly with a lathe. This device steadies the tool that is used in order to cut or fasten thread to a workpiece. There are several different variations available to the customer; each tailored to fulfill specific requirements.

Out of all threading tool holders, the 22nr model stands above the rest as it is best-suited for use with the most popular lathe size — 22 mm. Moreover, this versatile holder works effectively with other types of lathes, establishing 22nr as a truly universal companion for machinists around the world. Due to its universal application and popularity in the industry, the 22nr threading tool holder is more commonly used than any other in its class.

Manufactured from a robust material, such as steel, the 22nr threading tool holder is an uncomplicated device. It features a main body, the point of which attaches itself to the lathe, and a nosepiece fastened to it. This nosepiece is used to secure the tool whilst the set of jaws, connected to the nosepiece, firmly hold onto the workpiece.

The 22nr threading tool holder is a universal accessory for many types of lathes – it was crafted with durability in mind, made from a sturdy material. This type of tool holder is most commonly utilized in the industry, and its versatility makes it the most sought-after.

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