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3 4 npt tap tap wrench

With an adaptable two-piece design, the tap wrench is a valuable instrument utilized for the secure rotation of a tap. The durable metal build ensures that it is equipped to take on the rigors of the job, with a handle affixed to one end of the device and two metallic jaws at the other. The tap wrench is available in either a T-handle or L-handle variation depending on personal preference.

For the purpose of securing T-shaped shank taps, the go-to tap wrench is the T-handle. For those taps with an L-shaped profile, the L-handle is the ideal solution.

Select a tap wrench that best fits your tap and slip it onto the cutting end of the tap, making sure that it is facing upward. Grasp the wrench in one hand and turn the handle with the other to begin threading.

Securely gripping the tap wrench is crucial to successful use; without a strong hold on the tool, it can slip and cause the cutting edges of the tap to go dull – a wasteful and regrettable occurrence.

Keeping the jaws of the tap wrench clear of chip debris is an absolute must. If these parts of the wrench become blocked, it can render them useless in terms of securing the tap and, consequently, result in a slip.

Tap wrenches are a required tool for anybody who uses taps. Whether it be a T-handle or an L-handle, selecting the ideal size wrench for the application is important. Then, snugly slip the tap into the head of the wrench and hold firm with one hand. The other one can turn the tap – keeping the jaws clear from leftover residue. With this approach, slips and skips are prevented!

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