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3.5 mm threading tool

For any small-bore work, a 3.5mm threading tool is the ideal solution. This handheld devise features a handle complete with a mini, cylindrical bit on the tip. Simply insert it into the designated hole and rotate clockwise to create the necessary threads.

The 3.5mm threading tool is a highly useful item which provides users with many varied uses. It is primarily employed to create screw and bolt holes in small-diameter objects; however, it also can be applied to create intricate threads running through narrow pipes and tubes.

The 3.5mm threading tool is a basic yet effective tool to use. Inserting the bit in the hole and turning the handle in a clockwise motion enables the user to cut the thread with ease. The deeper and cleaner the cut they require can be dictated by the number of revolutions they turn the handle.

Holding often-overlooked importance, the 3.5mm threading tool is a useful and versatile tool at home or in the shop. Its uncomplicated form makes it a reliable companion for creating threads in various materials with ease.

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