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5 16 18 tpi power drive threaded insert tool

For installing a threaded insert into a given workpiece, a threaded insert tool is what one needs. This simple device comprises three parts – a body affixed to a chuck, and cutting bit affixed to the body. As the cutting bit carves out threads in the workpiece, the body holds and places the insert in its specific spot.

The insert tool is inserted into the workpiece and its cutting bit is brought to life, creating a thread in the workpiece into which the insert is installed. Removal of the device thereafter leaves the insert in situ, prepared to function by securing a bolt or screw efficiently.

The handheld power drive threaded insert tool is a handy device used to cement a threaded insert onto a workpiece. Its core components are a body, which is connected to a chuck, and a cutting bit,affixed to the body. The attachment of the cutting bit allows it to shape and gouge a thread into the piece, while its connection to the body serves as an anchor for the insert during excavation.

The power drive threaded insert tool is powered by a battery and is activated when the trigger is pulled. When placed into the workpiece, the cutting bit begins to spin, creating a thread below. After the insert is smoothly installed, the tool is removed from the material, leaving the insert alone. It then serves as an anchor for any screws or bolts it may be paired with.

If you want to install a threaded insert into any workpiece quickly and simply, the power drive threaded insert tool is the perfect tool for the job. It is extremely convenient to use, highly affordable, and can be employed in multiple applications. This tool is ideal for any of your projects!

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