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6-32 threading tool

Using a lathe, 6-32 threading is a precise operation that involves cutting notches along the circumference of a cylindrical blank. The number designation, 6-32, tells us that the major diameter of each thread is 6/32″ (3/16″), and that there are 32 threads per inch.

A lathe spins the workpiece, granting a cutting tool access to create threads in the material. This is done by setting up the lathe so that the tool carves a helical groove into the workpiece. In other words, threading compiles on a lathe with helical groove formation!

With careful precision, the cutting tool must be embedded into the workpiece at a precise angle and left to its own extent, which should not be too deep or else the screw will lack strength and could easily be stripped out.

Threading a screw doesn’t need you to be specially trained, or skilled for that matter. But before making sure that your 6-32 threading process runs smoothly, it is vital to be surely acquainted with the lathe and the appropriate cutting tool.

Two types of lathes exist: the engine lathe and the bench lathe. The engine lathe, being larger and more costly, is commonly used in industrial plants for hefty projects. The bench lathe, being more compact and affordable, is mostly used in the home workshop.

Conscious of the correct angle and depth, the cutting device is inserted with care into the workpiece. Any misstep could cause the thread to be cut too deeply, making the screw insecure and vulnerable to stripping out.

Two main categories of cutting tools exist – single-point and multi-point models. Single-point variants specialize in threading one surface at a time, while multi-point versions are capable of working on several threads simultaneously.

Threading a screw is not a complex activity, yet it is imperative to learn more about the lathe used and the cutting tool before attempting the 6-32 threading. Familiarizing oneself with these two aspects is an essential step for completing the process in a successful manner.

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