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8 tap wrench

Crafted from sturdy steel, brass, bronze or other materials, the tap wrench is an essential accessory for any tradesperson looking to secure smaller tools, such as reamers and taps, while they are being turned. This versatile tool is indispensible when it comes to keeping smaller cutting tools steady.

The base of the tap wrench is typically crafted from steel and features a tapered shape, allowing a snug fit for taps of various sizes. Alongside this sits the jaws of the tool which are also constructed from hardy, steel tines -their unique tapering makes them conveniently compatible with various diameters of tapping equipment.

The tap wrench is a handy device that the user holds in their hand, the tap or other tool bites into its jaws. This is then either rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, allowing the tap or tool to be turned with the wrench.

A tap wrench is nothing short of essential for any builder, machinist, or DIYer who works with small tools. This tool can be relied upon to turn an array of varied size taps, and also to grip and stabilize reamers and cutting instruments. In other words, it’s both reliable and multi-functional.

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