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acme id threading tools

Outfitting For Success – Acme ID Threading Tools

Acme ID Threading Tools offers the right product fit for any threading job. From taps to dies, reamers to holders. There is no shortage of variety when it comes to the selection, having several sizes and styles on offer. No matter what task is at hand, they ensure satisfaction of any customer in need.

Our company offers an extensive range of sizes and styles of taps to suit various needs, such as spiral point, plug, and taper. The spiral point selection can be obtained in both right- and left-handed models for general purpose threading. If it’s required to thread blind holes, then our plug taps come in convenient left- and right-handed editions – the same goes for our taper taps, which are designed for threading through holes.

A variety of dies, in various sizes and styles, are available from the company. Including right-hand and left-hand versions, round dies are suitable for threading round stock. Likewise, hexagon and square dies both come with right-hand and left-hand varieties for threading hexagonal and square stock respectively.

Our business has a vast selection of reamers, from the usual straight- and spiral-fluted designs to the specific counterbore type. Both right- and left-hand versions of each variety are within reach and ready to help in the process of putting in tapered holes, straight or parallel ones, and those with counterboring.

The company’s product range is incredibly varied, from drill, to end mill, to tap holders, all of which can be acquired in either right-hand or left-hand versions. Drill holders are specially designed to accommodate drills, while the end mill and tap holders have been created with the specific aim of holding their respective tools.

Acme ID Threading Tools are regarded as top-tier, promising total satisfaction to their users. Customers can trust in this brand to provide a vast selection of models and designs suitable for any threading project. It’s clear that acme has the superiority of quality-assurance in mind when crafting the ideal tool-experience.

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