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adjustable tap wrenches

Tap wrenches come in two forms: the handheld and the bench-mounted. A handy tool for various machining operations, these wrenches make it possible to secure taps and dies of varying sizes. An adjustable tap wrench can be easily adapted, allowing for a tighter or wider grip as needed.

Out of the two kinds of taps and dies holders, the hand-held is the more popular option. It allows you to handle the taps and dies manually, with a level of adjustability to make sure it fits whatever size taps and dies you’re using. The bench-mounted variant on the other hand is designed to be firmly set in place with a vise or clamp, also with adjustable settings so you can match it to your required sizes.

Machinists around the world have come to depend on the adjustable tap wrench for its ability to efficiently complete a range of activities. This omnipresent tool is an invaluable addition to any collection of machining equipment.

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