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avk aro pneumatic threaded insert installation tool

Introducing the AVK Aro Pneumatic Threaded Insert Tool – An Easy Solution for Installation!

If you’re looking for a reliable way to affix threaded inserts into a variety of materials, one tool that should be on your radar is the AVK Aro. This pneumatic installation device provides users with a straightforward way to set up threads in wood, plastic, and metal. And with an array of convenient features, it’s an ideal solution for frequent insert placement.

Utilizing air pressure to be powered, the handheld AVK Aro boasts user-friendly components, such as its adjustable air flow regulator, air pressure gauge and depth stop. Furthermore, this impressive device is accompanied by a selection of accessories, including a drill bit, countersink bit and a tap.

A veritable Swiss Army knife of threaded insert installation, the AVK Aro is equipped to handle inserts measuring between 6mm and 32mm in thread diameter. Not to mention, this incredible tool can facilitate installations into materials up to 40mm thick, rendering it a vanguard for automotive and industrial applications.

The AVK Aro is an accessible and economically-friendly choice for those who require the regular installation of threaded inserts. Its adaptable design and varied capabilities allow users to effortlessly install a broad array of insert styles, making it a reliable go-to tool.

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