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babylock looper threading tool

All Looping Needs Solved with the Babylock Threading Tool

With the Babylock Looper Threading Tool, those of us with loopers can now take on threading with confidence and ease. While this handy tool was designed to work best with the Babylock brand, it is also compatible with a variety of other brands so you won’t be left without options. For an extra helping hand, instructions and a video tutorial have been included to guide you through the process.

To start, you’ll need to assemble the necessary components. Get your hands on the Looper Threader, your looper machine, and some threading cord. Once you’ve gathered everything, you can move forward with the process.

Beginning your project entails threading the provided thread through your looper. Start by slipping the thread into the tiny aperture on the side of the tool and then pull it through the eye of the looper. Make sure to yank the thread taut after it is through.

The next step is to take the final bit of thread and slip it into the aperture on the instrument’s edge. Pull on it until it is expelled out the alternative opening.

To begin, thread the needle on the side of the instrument. Then, draw the thread until it is taut.

With the desired length of thread snipped away, the time has come to embark on your sewing journey. The thread from the spool is now ready for use.

For an effortless experience threading your looper, the Babylock Looper Threading Tool is an ideal tool. Although specially meant to be compatible with Babylock brand of loopers, this tool can be used with other brands too. To further guide you along this straightforward process, this much coveted tool comes with an easy to reprint user instructions and a video tutorial.

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