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barrel threading tools for 7.62×39

Carrying out any work on your 7.62×39 rifle’s barrel? You’ll require a few specifically designed tools. First, you’ll need a barrel vise to safeguard your barrel while you work. Besides, you should purchase a set of taps and dies intended for 7.62×39 barrels – easily available at nearby gunsmithingers shops.

To go any further, it’s time to take the barrel off of your gun. The most common way is to first take away the handguard and then unscrew the barrel nut. After that, you can secure the barrel in your barrel vise for easy accessibility.

Before you start threading your 7.62×39 barrel, it’s important to pick a thread pitch – typically, AK-47 barrels feature 14x1mm LH threading, which happens to be the most widely-used thread pitch for this particular barrel type. Once you’ve selected an option, you’ll be ready to begin the threading process.

To begin threading the hole, pre-drill using a bit that is slightly smaller in size than the tap. Rotate the tap gently into the hole by hand, then use a tap wrench to finish off the threading.

You’ve done it! By cutting the threads you can now affix the barrel to your rifle. Start by giving the barrel nut a strong turn, making sure it’s securely tightened. Once that is done, you are free to slot on the handguard. Your 7.62×39 rifle now has a barreled customisation that you put together with your own two hands!

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