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body jewelry threading tool

Perfect for inserting and removing body jewelry with ease, a body jewelry threading tool is a specialized pliers with a slim, tapered point. This pinpoint offers secure access to the aperture in the accessory, allowing it to be firmly locked in place once situated. When the desired fit is achieved, the jewelry can simply be pulled through the perforation with the help of this nifty device.

With various shapes and sizes, threading tools for body jewelry are here to help! The round-nose pliers are a popular choice, designed with a pointed tip to make it easy to insert the body jewelry. Simply slide the jewelry on the tool and pull it through the piercing with ease.

Need to thread body jewelry? A great choice is flat-nose pliers! Unlike ordinary pliers, they feature a broad, flat tip ideal for slipping into the body jewelry; it allows you to conveniently pull it through the piercing.

Piercing the body area with body jewelry has been a practice for many years. For this procedure, the needle-nose pliers are an ideal tool. The pliers possess a slender tip that is easily inserted into the embedded jewelry before taking hold of the body ornament and maneuvering it through the opening in the skin.

Body jewelry threading is a breeze with the variety of materials used to make the tools; stainless steel, plastic, and titanium are easily attainable. Of all three, stainless steel is the most sought after. The durability of these tools make them ideal for use on all sorts of body piercings.

Although body jewelry threading tools made of stainless steel are more popular and common, plastic-made tools are necessary when it comes to temporary piercings or those hard to reach. For finer and more intricate work, titanium tools are a must — though no doubt more expensive. Thanks to these, even the most difficult of piercings can be handled with ease.

For piercing needs, body jewelry threading tools come in convenient sizes. The standard is a 6-inch plier, great for tiny spots like the nose or lips. If a bigger area needs access, an 8-inch plier is perfect for areas like the ears or navel.

A plethora of forms exist for threading body jewelry. Perhaps the most pervasive is round-nose pliers, which possess a pointed tip thin enough to be inserted into the ornament. Then, it’s as simple as pulling the jewelry along the tool until it extends fully through the piercing.

The flat-nose pliers make for a handy tool when threading body jewelry. This device has a wide, flat end which should be inserted into the body accessory and then pulled through the piercing. Once it’s in place, the jewelry can easily be pulled through without any struggle.

For body jewelry threading, needle-nose pliers are a must. These items feature a slender, lightweight tip which is inserted into the piece of body jewelry, upon which the jewelry can be effortlessly guided through a piercing.

Equipped with materials such as stainless steel, plastic, and titanium, body jewelry threading tools are crafted in a variety of ways. Promoting durability, stainless steel is the preferred material since it is suitable for a multitude of piercings.

While stainless steel tools are the most popular for threading body jewelry, plastic tools also exist and are typically utilized for temporary piercings or those that are hard to reach. On the other hand, titanium tools, while more expensive, are the best choice for intricate piercings or those in tight locations.

Different sized threading tools are utilized in body piercing, with the most prevalent size being 6 inches. These pliers are ideal for petite areas such as the nose or the lips. For bigger locations, like ears and naval, opt for an 8-inch option.

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