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bottoming tap

Cutting threads close to the bottom of holes is an essential task in threading processes, and the bottoming tap is a vital tool that enables this. Unlike other types of taps, it has a small tip that works at a lower angle. This design allows it to tap blind holes without leaving any threads behind.

The primary function of the bottoming tap is to create thorough threads in narrow spaces where other types are ineffective. In order to achieve a finished tapping job, it is crucial that you utilize a bottoming tap. This type of tap follows a straight path and is capable of cutting threads right up to the edge of any blind hole or through-hole.

To ensure optimal results when using this tool for your projects, there are certain aspects you should be aware of, such as selecting an appropriate size based on the diameter of your hole.

Achieving consistent thread size when tapping is largely dependent on getting the right tap diameter. Failing to get this right could result in improperly sized threads that may not fit well. Additionally, adequate preparation of the hole before tapping begins is crucial.

This involves drilling the hole to match the bottoming tap size and using a lubricant or tapping fluid for smoother operation. In summary, precision in both pre-tapping preparation and choosing the right diameter of tap are critical in achieving satisfactory results. It should be noted that the use of bottoming taps for starting threads in blind holes is strongly discouraged.

The limited cutting capability of these taps, owing to their flat design, makes them unsuitable for this task. It is recommended that starter taps are used instead, and once threading reaches the hole’s bottom, then the bottoming tap can be utilized.

Furthermore, it is necessary to exercise great care when using a bottoming tap since it requires frequent cleaning to ensure debris doesn’t impede its function. Bottoming taps are essential for successfully tapping blind holes. Proper preparation of the hole, correct tap usage, regular cleaning and use of tapping fluid are key components to ensure accuracy in thread formation.

To prevent wear and heat build-up, adding a new lubricant is also necessary during periodic intervals.

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