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brown and sharpe tap wrench

In 1833, the journey of Brown and Sharpe began in Providence, Rhode Island with a father-son duo – David Brown and Joseph R. Brown. Established as a tool maker for the jewelry industry, the company rapidly flourished into a reputable business producing sophisticated measuring devices and cutting-edge machineries. By the 1900s, they had taken their operations one step further, now producing taps and dies – making them one of the biggest purveyors of these specialized tools around the globe.

Today, Brown and Sharpe is a proud member of the Hexagon AB organization, producing an extensive line of precision instruments and machining devices. Their taps and dies are employed in many sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.

Lauded for their precision and longevity, Brown and Sharpe taps and dies come in a range of sizes and styles to suit diverse needs. Threading, chamfering, and reaming dies are amoung the offerings from this esteemed company.

Essential for anyone who works with taps and dies, the Brown and Sharpe tap wrench is indispensable. It prevents the tap or die from slipping out of place as it rotates, with an assortment of specialized features designed to streamline the task. In short, it’s practically a must-have tool.

The Brown and Sharpe tap wrench comes with all the features an experienced or DIY enthusiast needs for optimal performance. First, the ratchet ensures that precise torque is applied to the tap or die, avoiding over-tightening. Next, the ergonomic handle provides superior grip and comfort. Finally, a release allows swift and effortless disengagement from the wrench.

The last trait of the Brown and Sharpe tap wrench is its cost, which is unbelievably economical considering its importance to users of taps and dies.

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