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cable threader tool

With a firm grip and an attentive hand, a cable threader tool is the optimal choice for running cables through walls, ceilings, and floors. Featuring a handle with a trigger, as well as a spindle for holding the cable and a cutting blade for removing any excess fibers, this handheld device is designed to create neat chunks of pathway for cabling. Simply insert the cable into the spindle and hold down the trigger to start rotating the spinning wheel which will effortlessly move the cable through the wall. The snipping blade will trim away time by cutting the cable at it passes through, leaving behind a pleasingly circular hole.

Constructing a cable pathway just got easier with the convenient one-handed operation of the indispensable cable threader tool. Its replaceable cutting blade caters for a slew of desired outcomes, whether that is introducing a knockout punch into an overcrowded installation, reaming to create multiple hole sizes and shapes or merely snipping through those most tightened of spaces.

Any cable setup would be nowhere without the dependable cable threader tool. It is a convenient instrument that can help reduce the amount of work and time spent during installation.

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