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carbide insert threading tool triangular shape

Threading tools made from carbide inserts offer a hardwearing option for crafting threads in a range of materials- ranging from alloys to composites and plastic compounds. These inserts can withstand great heat and are formed out of carbide, an extraordinarily robust material. Insert shapes come in various patterns such as triangular, square and hexagonal to suit specific needs.

Crafting a thread or a helical groove into a workpiece is achievable through threading, an operation executed using several tools, for instance, taps, dies, and threading machines. The most typical way to achieve this is with a lathe; a device that rotates the workpiece while the cutting tool is brought to bear.

Selecting the correct carbide insert for use in threading is paramount – it must be crafted from a substance that’s stronger and more resilient than the workpiece itself. For instance, when threading steel, a carbide insert is the best option for making sure the result is effective and durable.

To ensure that the desired thread size is produced, it is imperative to choose an insert of the exact diameter. If a 10mm thread is desired, then an insert with a 10mm diameter must be employed. It’s that easy!

After choosing the ideal insert, it’s time to get ready for fittment. The cutting edge needs to be pointed towards the workpiece, and the insert itself should be placed into the tool holder. Once that’s done, use the set screws to fasten it in position.

To begin, place the tool holder in the center of the workpiece on the lathe and lock it in place by tightening the set screws. This will correctly position the insert for subsequent action.

Spinning its way to the ideal shape, the workpiece is spun in motion with the lathe. As the cutting tool is fed carefully into it, the depth of the desired cut slowly becomes, possible with each precise insert. Sliding deeper into its new form, the metal is yields to the pressure until exactly the right level is reached.

The working of the lathe ceases, and the holder of the tool is detached from the lathe. Now, the insert is taken off from the tool holder and a newly formed thread is evident on the object.

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