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card tap wrench

Tapping cards accurately requires the use of a specialized tool – a card tap wrench. This type of wrench works with precision and care to create a straight, neat tap hole in a card. Anybody who is required to regularly tap cards would benefit immensely from having this essential tool in their toolkit.

A standard card tap wrench is composed of two distinct parts – a head and a handle. Known for its ruggedness, the head is typically crafted with hard metals, such as steel, and the handle commonly is constructed out of materials like wood, plastic or metal. To operate it, one simply grasps the handle to secure a strong grip while applying force to the head – where the tap is located.

When tapping cards, the size of the card tap wrench must accommodate the dimensions of the card. The most commonplace measurements are 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″. The 1/4″ variant is generally preferred since most cards are this size. Meanwhile, 3/8″ and 1/2″ are better for larger cards.

To use the card tap wrench, start by pinpointing the middle of the card. Perfectly line up the head of the wrench with the center before applying any pressure. As you push down on the handle, slowly twist it in a clockwise direction. As you turn, the tap will start to cut into the card and create a hole. Keep rotating the handle until you achieved your desired size of hole.

After achieving your ideal hole size, you can take away the card tap wrench. Then, grab a card reader to evaluate the cavity. If the dimensions are too tiny, you’ll need to re-tap the card. If it’s too large, then employ a file to expand it.

Those looking for an efficient way to tap cards with accuracy should make use of the specialized tool that is a card tap wrench. Unparalleled when it comes to creating a smooth and straight hole, this indispensable tool is an invaluable aid to those needing to regularly carry out the procedure.

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