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carmex external threading tool holders

Carmex is renowned as a formidable creator of external threading tool holders in industries ranging from automotive to aerospace and medical. Their products boast unparalleled accuracy and sturdiness, and have earned the respect of some of the most revered organizations across the globe.

Back in 1978, Carmex began its journey in Israel, and now, the company has spread its arms far and wide, setting up bases in the US, Europe, and Asia. With its ISO 9001 and AS9100 credentials, Carmex has been proudly selected by some of the most established aerospace and medical companies around the world. Today, the brand stands tall in over 60 countries.

For their customers’ extensive industrial needs, Carmex provides a wide variety of threading tool holders. Each holder is crafted with specialized care, using only the highest-grade materials to guarantee it can withstand even the most intense conditions. Moreover, they are available in several sizes and styles, and can even be tailored to meet individual customer specifications.

An array of renowned companies trust Carmex’s external threading tool holders for their precise and hard-wearing craftsmanship. From the motor vehicle sector to aerospace and clinical institutions, these tools are utilized in many industries and have become a valuable part of the production process. As a leading supplier of such threads, Carmex is sought out for their reliable products.

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