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cold forming tap

Cold forming taps are a necessary tool in the arsenal of manufacturers and machinists who deal with metal parts. Their primary function is to produce internal threads within workpieces, which facilitate fastening using screws or bolts. Unlike traditional tapping methods that cut material from the workpiece, cold forming taps use hard materials and high pressure to compress and deform the metal.

This method offers several advantages over conventional tapping approaches—for example, it can create threads on thin or fragile parts without damaging them. In order to enhance the strength of produced threads, slight compression of material is necessary. This process distinguishes cold forming taps from other types due to their unique geometries. Their flute design is modified with optimized angles and forms to suit the cold forming process.

Additionally, cold forming taps require sharp cutting edges as the strong compression forces demand high wear resistance. By not removing any material, this type of tap benefits from a longer lifespan compared to traditional taps. Despite being subjected to cutting and abrasion, cold forming taps do not experience wear but reach the point of mechanical fatigue.

With proper maintenance and care, these taps can last up to ten times longer than traditional ones. This means that they offer significant cost savings through reduced material wastage and increased yield. By implementing an appropriate tapping strategy, machining times can be drastically lowered and productivity increased.

Using cold forming taps in the production of parts offers significant time savings which are crucial when dealing with large quantities. They prove useful in a variety of industries, such as automotive manufacturing and aerospace, but are especially valuable in the production of fasteners where threads created have high resistance to stripping. The tool’s ability to create threads without material removal makes it well-suited for materials that are hard and challenging to work with, such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel and titanium alloys. In conclusion, implementing cold forming taps is critical for any manufacturer focused on producing internal threads.

If you are looking to enhance your manufacturing process, cold forming taps offer a robust and long-lasting solution that delivers superior strength and greater durability. They provide substantial cost savings over traditional tapping methods, while their extended lifespan ensures a return on investment far beyond initial costs.

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