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custom threading tools

When precise tolerances and unique geometries are of the essence, custom threading tools come to the rescue. They are specially designed to create threads that standard tools simply cannot – for example, those necessary to craft impressively accurate medical implants or aerospace components. No wonder these specialized tools are so widely trusted and employed!

When it comes to custom threading tools, two of the most common names that come to mind are taps and dies. While taps are used for dropping internal threads into a material, dies come in handy when you need to cut external threads into the same material. Of course, both of these tools can be tailored to create threads with specific features.

There are two main types of taps available: high speed steel (HSS) and carbide. HSS are the more budget-friendly option, suitable for a range of material workpieces, while carbide taps cost more upfront but offer enhanced longevity and resilience against tougher material types.

For applications requiring dies, both High Speed Steel (HSS) and carbide options are available. HSS dies are generally more economical when compared to their carbide counterparts; though they do not last as long in harder materials. Carbide-made dies are costly, but with their greater longevity and resilience against difficult-to-work materials, the investment is worth it.

Custom tailored taps and dies can be designed to bring forth threads with particular specifications. Their most conventional usage involves creating threads with a close tolerance where precision is of utmost importance. Additionally, they can manufacture special geometry threads that are necessary for medical implants or aerospace components.

Crafting custom taps and dies is fairly easy; the most popular approach is via a CNC device. What’s great about this option is that it enables you to produce precise, bespoke designs with an excellent degree of accuracy and flexibility.

A less pricey alternative to producing custom taps and dies using a CNC machine is to utilize a 3D printer. Unlike the former, this option is not as accurate, however, it can be advantageous as a wide array of materials, such as plastic, metal and ceramic, may be used for crafting the threads.

For those seeking a low-cost way to customize their taps and dies, a hand tool is the most suitable option. Although perhaps not as precise as other alternatives, using a hand tool to make the required items provides several available materials including high-speed steel (HSS), carbide, and plastic.

For many industries, including medical, aerospace, and automotive, custom taps and dies are necessary for precision fastening. Using highly-specialized tolerances, these tools craft threads that hold parts together securely and accurately. When the application calls for it, custom taps and dies can also create shapes with unique profiles – e.g., for medical implants and aerospace equipment.

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