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cutting threaded bolts with oscillating tool

Working on a home improvement project? An oscillating tool is the way to go for cutting threaded bolts! But before taking it out of your toolbox, take a look at this guide on how to use it effectively and how to select the perfect blade for the job.

Working with metal threaded bolts? Going the oscillating tool route? Don’t forget that you’ll need a blade specifically designed for cutting metal – ordinary blades for wood or other materials won’t get you the same results. And remember – picking the right size of blade for your bolts is essential.

Identify the precise place on the bolt that you wish to cut then carefully adjust the oscillating tool so that its blade is perpendicular. Follow this by activating the device and begin gliding it to and fro as you slice through the metal.

If the bolt you’re trying to cut is especially hefty, you may have to employ the oscillating tool multiple times in order to break through its entirety. To make sure you protect the threads, keep the blade every-so-straight in relation to the bolt.

After slicing through the nut, you can utilize a spanner or other tool to detach the cut piece. Exercise prudence when detaching the clipped section, keeping in mind that the threads of the bolt may be jagged.

Instantly become an expert in the art of cutting threaded bolts with an oscillating tool. It just requires a few attempts to get it right. However, be sure to select the correct blade and be mindful when discarding the clipped piece.

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