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cyclus bottom bracket threading and facing tool

Crafted in Germany, Cyclus Tools offers an extensive selection of quality tools suited for both professional and amateur cyclists. Their revered Cyclus Bottom Bracket Threading and Facing Tool is designed for effortless threading and accurate facing on bottom brackets.

Durable, built with high-grade steel, the Cyclus Bottom Bracket Threading and Facing Tool is created to be used with a classic 1” wrench or socket. It is fashioned to feature two handles, one used to spin the tool in a clockwise direction while the other is used to spin it anti-clockwise.

Equipped with various attachments, the Cyclus Bottom Bracket Threading and Facing Tool has you covered. The set features a facer to smoothen up the surfaces of the bottom bracket cups, and a threader that cleans up the screw grooves of the cups. Get yourself set for consistent installation with this slick combo.

From the spaciousness of your own workshop, you can now apply the useful Cyclus Bottom Bracket Threading and Facing Tool for a variety of tasks. It handles threading and facing of both English and French bottom brackets with equal skill. Moreover, it can also be conveniently used to give a thorough cleansing to both English and French bottom brackets, transforming and revamping them with its effectiveness.

Anyone who is fond of biking, especially cyclists, cannot overlook the utility of the Cyclus Bottom Bracket Threading and Facing Tool. Whether you are an amateur or a professional rider, this tool is essential to own for an incredible biking experience.

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