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dewalt dcs350b 20v max bare tool cordless threaded rod cutter

Since 1924, Dewalt has built a solid name in tool-making from their powerful cordless power tools. The DCS350B Bare Tool Cordless Threaded Rod Cutter is one of their recent and remarkable creations. Constructed to speedily slice through threaded rod, this 20V MAX tool holds up any challenge.

Crafted with precision, this cordless cutter offers you a powerful 20v battery that enables it to cut through threaded rods up to 1/2 inch in diameter. The adjustable cutting head allows you to customise the cutting depth for different sized rods while the LED work light ensures you can always accurately complete your projects – even in less than ideal lighting.

If you are already in possession of Dewalt batteries and a correspondingly compatible charger, you can power up this bare tool – the DCS350B – with ease. However, if you don’t have Dewalt branded supplies, you will have to make a separate purchase to use this device.

With its lightweight design and simple usability, the DCS350B threaded rod cutter is ideal for anyone who requires regular rod cutting. The device is incredibly efficient, making short work of slicing through any bar or rod you encounter. If you are searching for a quality cordless cutter, this should certainly be your first choice.

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