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dewalt threaded rod cutter tool only

The Ultimate Job Site Rod-Cutter – DEWALT DWT37850 6-8″

For a reliable thread-cutting tool, the DEWALT DWT37850 6-8-Inch Threaded Rod Cutter is an excellent choice for any workshop or job site. It effortlessly slices through threaded rods and can also be used to cut other materials such as rebar and pipe with equal ease. The appealing ergonomic design gives the user a comfortable experience and makes this cutter easy to use. Its high quality fabrication ensures it will remain in prime condition for years.

Perfect for any material, the cutter is equipped with a sharp, long-lasting blade and a safety guard to guard your hands during use. Whether you want to achieve precise depth in your cuts or conveniently switch blades, you’ll find this cutter simple and user-friendly. Plus, its depth stop allows for effortless control, while the blade wrench included makes changing blades easier than ever.

Ideal for any workshop or job site, the DEWALT DWT37850 6-8-Inch Threaded Rod Cutter is a must-have for any individual looking to make smooth, precise cuts on threaded rods, rebar and pipes. Expertly designed for ease of use and comfortability, this durable device is a sturdy, long-lasting investment that produces crisp results time after time.

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