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diy rainbow color embroidery threading tool

Time-saving and convenient, the rainbow color embroidery tool is designed to make threading your needle with multihued embroidery floss a breeze. Concise yet efficient, no longer will you need to battle through the laborious task of threading your needle one color at a time; with this delightful invention, effortlessly accomplish this chore with ease and expedience.

Assemble the two pieces of this revolutionary instrument – the base to house the needle and the cover to accommodate your embroidery thread – to make stitching more manageable. All you have to do is put the needle on the base, then run the embroidery thread through the cover. This ingenious device does all of the hard work for you, quickly and effortlessly winding your needle with a variety of colorful threads.

Those who enjoy the intricate art of embroidery know time and accuracy are two vital elements in creating beautiful patterns. The Rainbow Color Embroidery Threading Tool is the perfect way to save time and construct accurate designs! This effortless device is essential for anyone who wants to create their own personalised works of art.

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