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dodge threaded ball joint tool

A ball joint is a crucial aspect of any car’s suspension that links the control arm and the steering knuckle. It enables these parts to move in synchronicity and makes turning the wheels possible. This automotive part is composed of a ball that is mounted to the threaded stud, which itself is then secured by a nut. The socket portion is held in place with a dedicated bolt.

Over time, the ball joint will become worn down and need to be changed. To install the new one, a distinctive ball joint tool is used to take out the aged one.

The ball joint tool is equipped with a threaded rod connected to a handle on one end and a socket on the other. This socket can be used to remove the old ball joint, while the threaded rod has a different purpose- it is employed to fit in the new ball joint.

To swap out a worn ball joint, a practical tool is required to extract the original one and insert the new. This is the purpose of the ball joint tool.

After aligning the socket with the ball joint, carefully set it in place.

Gently place the handle atop the socket for convenient connection.

To unscrew the archaic ball joint, rotate the handle to the right.

Delicately extract the antiquated ball joint from its enclosure.

Fit the recently acquired ball joint snugly within its designated socket.

In order to securely affix the new ball joint, rotate the handle in a counterclockwise direction.

After the ball joint is put in, make sure to twist the knob tightly so it is secured snugly.

To complete the repair task, it’s time to work through steps 1-7 again – this time for the other ball joint.

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