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dormer 0218099 tap wrench

When installing or removing a dormer tap, a special tool – the dormer tap wrench – is essential. Used to carve a small opening in the wall of a dormer for the installation of a television antenna, this specialized tool firmly grips the tap, allowing it to be turned without slipping whilst applying just the right amount of torque to prevent it from cracking.

This steel tool has a handle of one foot’s length, and a head that stands two inches wide and three inches long. Its shape is that of a T, and it is made solely to fit a dormer tap. It operates with a lever, situated on the side of the head, which is used to open and shut the tapered jaws shut. A latch, which is spring-loaded, keeps the jaws securely closed when not in use.

The dormer tap wrench allows you to easily secure and rotate a tap. To utilize it, the jaws of the wrench first must be opened and placed on the object. The lever should then be employed to secure the instrument around the tab and make sure its jaws stay in place; activating the spring-loaded latch will guarantee this happens. Afterward, you can take hold of the handle and twist it according to desired amount of torque. The size of the handle and size of your hand are factors which may decide the power of turn that is possible.

To mount a television antenna in a dormer, a hole must be made first, requiring the use of a dormer tap wrench. After it has been used to create the opening, this special device is then taken away and deployed again to complete the process in reverse order.

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