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dormer tap wrench

Need to get a tap out? A dedicated dormer tap wrench is the way to go! This specialized device has a square or hexagonal socket specifically tailored to fit the tap’s shank – and it stays in place thanks to an included set screw. Completing the package is a functional handle used to rotate the socket and have that tap unscrewed in no time!

For the task of removing and installing a tap, an aptly-named tool is required: the tap wrench. All you have to do is slide the wrench over the tap’s shank and securely tighten it on, then, using the handle for leverage, rotate the socket to loosen or secure the tap into place. In no time, you can easily unthread or thread a tap in any workpiece.

Specializing in the removal and installation of taps, the tap wrench is an indispensable tool for this purpose. It is carefully engineered for this sole use and should not be confused for a general-purpose wrench, as it is ill-fitted for any other task.

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