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eagle claw tool bait threader

For any avid fisherman looking for a quality bait threader, Eagle Claw offers the perfect solution. Their product range is home to the Eagle Claw Tool Bait Threader, an invaluable tool specifically designed for effortlessly attaching live bait to a fishing line. Fishing with live bait will never be a hassle again!

The Eagle Claw Tool Bait Threader is an easy-to-use tool that does exactly what it says on the tin – thread bait onto the line. Its base is constructed with a handle, designed to deliver a secure grip when slipping the bait onto the needle. Besides that, it also contains a mini cutting blade which allows you to trim down the bait if needed.

With the tool in hand, the fisherman grasps the bait and threads a needle through it. Next, they take hold of the other edge of the line and draw it smoothly through the bait. Ensuring their hands are steady, they will be able to tie a sturdy knot for their next catch!

If the bait exceeds the ideal length, the cutting blade can be used to shear away excess material and shape it to an appropriate size. Once sufficient shortening has been achieved, all that’s left is to securely tie off the line and start casting out for a successful fishing expedition.

A must-have for the ambitious angler who utilizes live bait, the Eagle Claw Tool Bait Threader is an incredibly useful gadget that simplifies the process of obtaining bait onto the line. Its user-friendly design makes it a cinch to operate, making it a go-to angling accessory.

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