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eclipse 141 tap wrench

The tap wrench is an essential tool for small machine operators. Crafted with a handle and attached at either end with a chuck and a T-shaped bar, the tap wrench provides secure grip and optimal turning power for taps or other small tools.

Forged of steel with a black-oxide coating, the Eclipse 141 tap wrench serves as an ideal tool for turning threaded objects of modest proportions. Its handle measures in at a generous 4.5 inches, and the 3.5 inch T-shaped bar can handle taps of up to 1/4th of an inch in diameter. An efficient time-saver, it’s just the tool for any given job!

Made from steel and coated in black oxide, the Eclipse 141 Tap Wrench is a handy tool for those needing to work with small diameter taps. This product boasts a 4.5 inch handle and 3.5 inch T-bar, allowing it to be comfortably held by the user. On top of that, it comes equipped with a chuck which is capable of accommodating taps with up to 1/4 inch diameter.

An invaluable tool for all your small-scale turning needs, the Eclipse 141 Tap Wrench is made with durable steel and boasts a stylish black-oxide finish. At 4.5 inches in length, the handle provides a comfortable grip for proper control. Its 3.5-inch T-bar design and 1/4-inch chuck capacity ensure that it can be used for taps with a smaller diameter. Whether you are completing DIY projects or working in a professional workshop, this tap wrench is an essential item to have.

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