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external threading tool name

To make a thread on the exterior of an object, an external threading tool is required. Generally, the go-to tool for this job is a tap – being available in various shapes and sizes, this instrument can be applied to different materials, such as metal, plastics, and wood. This type of tool needs to be utilized with an already pre-drilled hole in the workpiece.

When threads are damaged, the only option of renewing them could be using external threading tools such as a thread chaser. By inserting it into a faulty thread and giving it a spin, you trigger a cleaning action revealing new clean pathways which can be used to create a new thread. This strategy offers an efficient resolution when starting from scratch with a tap is not possible.

A machinist’s kit is not complete without the right external threading tools. On the market are a multitude of taps and chasers of different sizes and styles, allowing for the creation and repair of threads on the outer surface of the workpiece. With these tools at their disposal, machinists can shape and mould with precision.

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