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eye tie fly threader tool

A needle threader, more commonly known as an eye-tie, is a small handy tool used to lace fly material together.

A small cylindrical rod with a needle-like tip as well as a tiny round opening is what is known as the eye-tie. The round eye of the tool is where the tippet line is threaded through, while the pointed end attaches smoothly onto the hide of the fly – enabling the thread to pass through.

Serving multiple purposes, the eye-tie is a multitasking tool with uses including but not limited to:

The eye tippet is a petite tool, with a round eye at one end and a needlepoint at the other. It is crafted to assist with attaching flies to line, commonly known as a “needle threader”. After lobbing the point through the fly’s hide, the thread turns the eye, allowing it to be strung within the fly for security.

From securing ties to latching zip lines, the eye-tie offers a range of options for executing any assignment. Its utility can be applied to activities like:

For any dedicated fly fisher, the eye-tie is invaluable. Its simple and compact design means it can be used to perform a number of tasks for the angler who wants to make the most of every moment on the water. This handy piece of equipment is top of the list for anyone serious about this sport.

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