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gi pipe threading tools

Ratchet-type pipe threading tools are widely used to thread pipes of any size. Capable of being managed with a single hand, these devices provide superior utility as they can be dropped into action for both left-handed and right-handed threads. Undoubtedly the most practical choice among GI pipe threading tools, these versatile instruments equip you to handle the task quickly and effortlessly.

For applications requiring pipes of larger diameter than the ratchet type of threading tool can provide, a die type is the go-to solution. These are more flexible than their ratchet counterparts, too, as they possess the capability to handle both right and left-handed threads.

The third type of GI pipe tends to be power operated. This tool is especially advantageous for larger piping which cannot be handled by the ratchet or die tools. Unlike the other two tools, the power type has the added bonus of being able to work with threaded pipes that go in either direction – left-handed or right-handed.

To wrap up the GI pipe threading tool selection is the manual variety. Those who have pipes too tiny for the ratchet, die, or power tool can reach for this one. It does, however, come with a caveat – manual type tools are only compatible with right-handed pipes. Thus, while it may be the least flexible of all the GI pipe threading tools, it can still prove useful in the right circumstances.

If you’re looking for the right GI pipe threading tool for your project, you have to consider size. For small pipes, a manual type tool is the way to go. When the pipe is too big for a ratchet type tool but still within the capacity of a die type tool, you’d use those. And should you need to thread something of a size that necessitates a power type tool, then voila – that’s your go-to. Ultimately, knowing the different types and sizes of tools is essential to ensure that you select the best option for each job.

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