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goliath threading tools pty ltd

Recognizing a gap in the market for dependable and economical threading tools, Australian business duo Tony and Julie Gower established Goliath Threading Tools Pty Ltd in 2003. As a leading provider of top-notch threading tools, the company has flourished ever since.

Boasting a selection of over one thousand threading tool products, Goliath Threading Tools Pty Ltd provides customers with a wide array of top-tier offerings such as taps, dies, thread mills, thread formers, and thread repair tools. Consistently employed in the automotive, aerospace, mining and general engineering industries, Goliath Threading Tools elevates each project to new heights.

Goliath Threading Tools Pty Ltd is devoted to guaranteeing their customers receive the finest quality products and services. Boasting a knowledgeable team of engineers and technicians, they craft their merchandise with the utmost care and exactitude. All merchandise then goes through an intense examination to ensure it meets uncompromising standards prior to being rolled out for purchase.

Goliath Threading Tools Pty Ltd keeps their customers supplied with an assortment of threading tool products and services, providing all the answers necessary for a successful outcome. Equipped with an accomplished and well-informed team of experts, Goliath’s team of staff are always on hand to offer up the best advice and assistance.

Goliath Threading Tools Pty Ltd offer top-notch and cost-effective threading solutions. Crafted for a wide range of sectors, the products are ensured to perform with excellence. The company’s support team also remain readily available, equipped with specialized insights and knowledge to provide assistance and guidance.

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