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helix threading tool uk

For machining operations, pipefitting, and plumbing, a helix threading tool is a must-have. This rotary cutting tool consists of a body with a fresh-cut flute that is spun against the workpiece to produce threads. Its helical edges are incredibly precise in creating even, meticulous strands.

Two main variations of helix threading tools exist: those crafted with a strong and solid architecture, and those fashioned in a hollow format. The former is the most utilized structure when working with textiles such as metals, plastics, and composite materials. The latter is preferred to work with soft material, like wood.

Utilizing helix threading tools is a smart choice for a broad selection of projects; they come in an array of sizing options from as tiny as 1/8 inch to as large as 2 inches. Generally, the most popular diameters lie between 1/4 and 1 inch in diameter. Additionally, these tools sport both straight and spiral edges, with the body either solid or hollow in form.

With a helix threading tool, the cutting edge is rotated against the workpiece to slice the threads. A consistent rate and intensity of penetration are used to feed the tool into the material. The tool’s angle and diameter control how deeply it is sunk in.

Achieving the desired threading requires the helix tool to spin at an optimal rate – one fast enough to create the threads without compromising the workpiece. The ideal speed may differ depending on the material being cut as well as the type of threading tool in use.

Helix threading tools offer an impressive range of sizes and shapes to accommodate a diverse range of projects. From machining to pipefitting, and from plumbing to crafting threads out of metal, plastic, and composite materials, these tools are a handy addition to any toolbox.

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