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home threading tool

By taking matters of beauty into your own hands, you’ll be putting time and money to better use. All it takes is some helpful components and a bit of skill to create a professional refined look within the comforts of your home.

Home threading tools come in two distinct forms: the manual variety and the more expensive, yet quicker electric models. While manual varieties are most economical to purchase and simple to operate, their speed of use may be limited. Conversely, electric threading tools though more expensive boast a greater efficiency.

To pick your perfect home threading tool, ponder your monetary limit and how long you desire to use the tool for styling your hair. Should you have tender skin, focus on selecting a tool that is equipped with a cooling tip to minimize irritation and discomfort.

To create a neat threading effect on your hair, you must initially determine the pattern you wish to go for. If it needs to stay in a straight line, brush the tresses in the motion they naturally fall. Otherwise, if you’re looking to form a curved pattern, draw back the locks against the grain.

With your dominant hand, clutch the tool and with the opposite one, take hold of the hair. Ensure the implement’s teeth are in alignment with the strands, and gently slide it through from root to tip with even pressure.

With each successive stroke of the tool, the tresses wrap themselves around the teeth, tugging themselves free from the root. Continue this process until the area is completely void of locks.

To ensure the tool is sanitized, carefully rid it of any gathered hair before giving it a thorough rinse with a mixture of cleanser and H2O.

After some familiarization, you’ll quickly master the art of threading your own home!

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