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how to remove tap with wrench

To successfully remove a tap, you must first establish which size wrench to use. If a wrench is already at your disposal, the only requirement is to gauge the dimensions of the tap. The most frequent sizes encountered are 1/2″, 9/16″, and 5/8″. With the correct tool equipped, then removing the tap should be straightforward.

When your wrench fits the tap snugly, begin the unscrewing process. Turn it in the opposite direction, taking care to rotate the wrench slowly at first. This will ensure secure manipulating of the tap – any sudden shifts might cause harm to it.

If your tap has been stubbornly stuck in its place, then you may need to apply a bit more pressure. But be mindful not to use too much strength to avoid damaging it. If you are having trouble unscrewing it, a squirt of lubricant could be the remedy you need; it will help to free the tap, rendering it simpler to remove.

Loosening the tap, yo ucan easily take it off the sink and brush away any dirt that may have gotten stuck on the spout. Before attaching it back in place, it could be a good idea to give the sink a bit of a clean too.

After doing the necessary repairs, it’s time to finally place the tap. Gently fit it in the sink and using the wrench, turn it in a clockwise direction. Take extra precaution not to apply too much force as this could harm the tap.

Congratulations – you have completed the task of removing a faucet and installing a new one using a wrench!

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