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how to remove threaded bottom bracket without tool

Need to take out a threaded bottom bracket but don’t have the proper tool? This can be a challenge, no doubt. But don’t despair – you can pull it off with a little creativity and items on hand around the house. No costly tools needed!

To execute this assignment, you will require the following: – A hefty hammer – A reliable screwdriver – A substantial nail or bolt – A length of wood

Gently grasp the screwdriver and loosen the stubborn bolts, found holistically constricting the bottom bracket. Should they appear to be overly tight, the hammer may be invoked to aid in unlocking their prescriptive embrace. Afterward, modulate that possession of the bottom bracket by swiftly and securely removing it.

Securely fasten the long screw/bolt into the bottom bracket, threading it in the same orientation as the pedal threads.

Now, grab the piece of timber and position it atop the end of the bolt or nail. Next, take hold of the hammer and use it to propel the nail or bolt out of its bracketed base.

Now that the bottom bracket has been taken out, it’s time to inspect for any damage. Fortunately, if the condition of the part is satisfactory, re-installing is an option. However, if harm has been done, a substitution will be necessary.

Even without the appropriate tool, evicting a threaded bottom bracket from its home is far simpler than one may think. A smidgen of effort and a few common household items will have this job completed in a jiffy.

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