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how to thread a punch needle tool without a threader

Although many people assume that a threader is a necessity in order to use a punch needle tool, you can still work with it without one! If you find yourself in this situation, simply follow these steps for a successful threading experience.

From the spool, measure an approximately 18-inch section of thread to begin your project.

Double the thread and fashion a knot at its extremity.

Inserting the needle into the optic center of the punch needle device is essential to begin.

Gently tug the string until you have achieved the desired length, bringing the knot up to the needle’s eye.

With one hand, clasp the needle and thread in your grasp. With the other, work to wind it until the string is taught and firm, ensuring it stays secure.

Having completed the threading, snip off any adjoining threads and you’ll be equipped to begin punching.

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