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how to use a threading die on a hand tool

Designed to create threads on a workpiece, a threading die is a handheld tool crafted from hardened steel which features an array of threads inscribed on its surface. To use the instrument, the operator must first line it up to the workpiece. Then, they turn it clockwise, allowing the die to cut spools into the material as it rotates.

To produce symmetrical threads, the operator must handle the die with a steady hand. Rapid turns can lead to a curved cut, marring the smoothness of the threading. Therefore, a slow and gradual rotation is recommended to guarantee a neat, even outcome.

After having formed the necessary number of threads as intended, the operator can take out the die from the component; following which, these threads may be employed to serve numerous goals, ranging from attaching bolts to creating a safe haven against external air and water.

Creating threads on a workpiece is made easy and attainable with the use of threading dies. Even a novice can quickly master how to apply them to get neat and accurate threaded results!

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