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how to use threader tool

The threader is a surprisingly handy piece of equipment for those looking to tackle the thorny problem of stringing thread through a needle. Crafted from an ultra-slim metal rod with a single hook at one end, one only needs to insert the opposite side into the eye of the needle before carefully yanking out the thread with the hook.

Needles with small eyes can be difficult to thread, but threaders make the process much easier to handle. They come in handy when threading multiple needles as well, making it a breeze!

To thread a needle, hold onto the sharp instrument with one hand and the threader with the other. Push the hook tip of the threader through the eye of the needle to secure the strands of thread, and tug it through. You will need to perform these simple steps numerous times until your needle is adequately threaded.

The next time you go to the sewing store, make sure to grab yourself a threader. Trust me, these incredibly cost-effective plugins are a valuable purchase that can save you loads of precious time and headaches while sewing. Don’t miss out on this smart shopping opportunity!

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