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hsm threading tool offset lathe

Lathe with HSM Tool Offset: Unlocking New Possibilities

Designed for an abundance of threading projects, the HSM Threading Tool Offset Lathe is a user-friendly tool that offers the convenience of its inbuilt offset ability to instantly generate either right-hand or left-hand threads with remarkable ease.

Beyond stitching, the HSM can create a wealth of alternative thread forms, including Acme, Buttress and Square threads. What’s more, this multi-talented machinery can also carry out additional work such as drilling, tapping and reaming.

Endowed with a robust cast iron frame, the HSM is designed to stay rigid and consistent for precise performance. Moreover, a formidable motor is incorporated to enable the machine to work on various substances, like brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

The HSM can be utilized seamlessly in both manual and computer-aided operating modes. Its incorporation of a USB port simplifies connecting the machine to a computer for CNC functions.

Outfitted with a coolant system, work light, and chip tray as its base equipment, the machine can further be upgraded with a powerfeed, automated tool changer, and programmable spindle speed – a choice selection of optional accessories.

Boasting a convenient offset function, the HSM Threading Tool Offset Lathe is an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal. Perfect for crafting both right- and left-hand threads, this highly reliable and efficient machine is a cinch to operate, making it an excellent pick for many threading projects.

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