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HSS6542 HSSCO DIN371376 Spiral Point Tap

Suitable for annealing short chip materials such as medium carbon steel and low alloy steel, and it is prohibited to be used for tapping false through-hole threads


Geometry: Front chip removal
Suitable for annealing short chip materials such as medium carbon steel and low alloy steel, and it is prohibited to be used for tapping false through-hole threads.

Why choose us:
We imported grinding equipment, five-axis machining center, Zoller testing equipment from German, develop and produce standard and non-standard tools such as carbide drills, milling cutters, taps, reamers, blades, etc.
Our products are currently involved in automotive parts manufacturing, micro-diameter product processing, mold processing, electronics industry, aircraft aluminum alloy processing in the aviation field and other industries. Continuously introduce cutting tools and hole machining tools suitable for the mold industry, automobile industry, and aerospace industry. We can produce various cutting tools according to the different needs of customers with drawings and samples.



Our revolutionary Spiral Point Tap with front chip removal is purposefully engineered to cut short chip materials, particularly medium carbon and low alloy steels. By implementing a forward-facing chip extraction feature, this tap is optimized for increased precision and efficiency during the cutting process.

As a disclaimer, it must be noted that false through-hole threads should not be attempted with this product. In order to achieve optimal results and avoid damaging the material, it is strongly advised to utilize this tool exclusively for its designated purpose – annealing short chip materials.

The innovative Spiral Point Tap with front chip removal is comprised of high-quality materials for durability and longevity. Its spiral fluted point assures precise cutting by effectively directing the tap along the hole at a smooth pace.

An additional benefit is the front chip removal feature, which enhances efficiency by decreasing obstructions from blockages during work. When working on large volumes of industrial-grade material using smaller cutting tools can be tedious and time-consuming. The Spiral Point Tap is an exception; it handles more material compared to similar tools and requires only a few passes significantly reducing processing time.

Additionally, this versatile tool works outstandingly well on various machines like drill presses, lathes or CNC machines hence applicable in different industries such as metalworking. Its ease of use further places it as the go-to option for professionals who require efficiency coupled with simplicity.

When it comes to effectively handling short-chip materials like a pro without breaking into a sweat or compromising on efficiency – there’s nothing quite like using our cutting-edge range of tools such as the Spiral Point Tap With Front Chip Removal. Expertly designed for maximum comfort during prolonged use thanks to its ergonomically shaped body- not only does it ensure swift and easy insertion/extraction capabilities but its superior design offers an unmatched durability necessary for those tough demands of heavy-duty projects without losing precision nor sacrificing worker safety. What’s more impressive is knowing you can always count on our customer service team to have your back throughout the process whenever you need it.

Still not convinced? We stand by our commitment of quality, just in case you run into any issues with the Spiral Point Tap With Front Chip Removal. The marketplace offers a range of tools for metalworkers seeking to enhance their work output; however, none can compare with the unparalleled capabilities of this tool.

With stellar attributes such as superior performance, versatility, and efficiency combined with top-tier Customer Service support and unmatched Quality Assurance guarantee make it an indispensable tool for all professionals in the field.


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