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HSS6542 Nitriding Machine Spiral Tap

Using M35 Cobalt Containing Material. This material is currently the best grade of high-speed steel on the market. The cobalt content ensures the hardness and toughness of the high-speed steel.



1. Using M35 Cobalt Containing Material. This material is currently the best grade of high-speed steel on the market. The cobalt content ensures the hardness and toughness of the high-speed steel. Suitable for drilling various metals, such as stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum alloy, cast iron, and other metals, as well as various soft materials such as wood and plastic.

2. The thread part adopts the BLF structure, which effectively reduces the problem of easy breakage during the tapping process.



Highlighted by its unique BLF structure, our latest innovation in machining technology – the Machine Spiral Tap – boasts of exceptional quality and precision. This revolutionary tap is forged from the highest grade of high-speed steel currently available on the market – M35 Cobalt Containing Material. Being highly durable and resilient thanks to its high cobalt content, this material ensures both hardness and toughness in the high-speed steel, allowing for drilling into a variety of metals ranging from stainless steel to aluminum alloy as well as different soft materials such as wood and plastic.

Designed with precision engineering techniques, our Machine Spiral Tap offers unparalleled durability due to its specialized structure aimed at reducing the probability of breakage during usage. Its ruggedness assures impeccable functionality throughout several demanding applications without compromising efficiency. This incredibly versatile tool integrates perfectly into numerous tapping machines models, further adding value in industrial settings as well as personal DIY projects.

Our Machine Spiral Tap offers unmatched performance after undergoing a series of rigorous tests and optimizations. With sharp edges and precise threading, you can expect seamless cutting with no uneven threads or rough finishes. Durability is paramount in the metalworking and machining field, and we have invested significantly in ensuring that our product is made from top-quality materials to withstand even the toughest jobs.

Manufactured with superior quality and exceptional versatility, the Machine Spiral Tap is an indispensable tool for enhancing one’s metalworking proficiency. This innovative equipment is highly recommended to both practitioners and enthusiasts for its unmatched capabilities. Obtaining this modernized invention will elevate your craftsmanship to unprecedented levels, equipping you with the confidence to tackle any metalworking project effectively.

Do not hesitate any longer; go ahead, place your order today, and relish in the limitless opportunities metalworking has to offer.


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