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For over a century, Ridgid has been an esteemed brand within the tool industry. Present-day, their name is still synonymous with durability and dependability. Their hand-threader die-heads have gained recognition among experts and hobbyists alike as assurance of excellent craftsmanship and strength.

Constructed from high-strength steel and machined with precision, Ridgid’s die-heads are designed to meet the threading needs of any job. Durability is assured thanks to their long-lasting construction, and sizes available range from small to large, allowing you to select the right die-head for the job.

Ridgid offer a straightforward approach to hand-threading with their die-heads. By connecting the die-head to the threading tool, picking the correct size die, and taking the first step in threading, an accurate result can be easily achieved. All of this is made even simpler thanks to the self-centering design and built-in guide that eliminates any uncertaintly.

Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, Ridgid’s hand-threader die-heads should be your go-to tool for all threading projects. You will enjoy long-lasting performance thanks to their robust construction, simple operation, and unbeatable accuracy. With Ridgid, you can count on precision results every time.

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